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First time in India For Deaf

Share Market Course in 
Sign Language


Those who are interest to earn another income by mean of SHARE MARKET

It is super simple, because of visual & number reading.

Deaf people can do it, what about you?!

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Anuj Dargar

Founder of ADchartview

Full time trader & Mentor

About Me

I am Anuj Dargar, Deaf from Mumbai. I completed post graduation in 2020. Experience in trading and learning more in sharemarket (NSE/BSE) especially technical chart since 4 years. little had i have experience forex trade but too left completed early as NSE have quick profit from F&O.

I have been trying to convince to my deaf friends about sharemarket is better alternative than MLM, double invesmtent, Fraud where it brainwash thousand of deaf's financial life although they failed to understand me. I started youtube channel anyhow in late May 2020 to stop them misleading and change  to the truthway by example of Share market. READ MORE

Mutual Fund

Free Mutual Fund course

For exiciting learning and earning profit from other income

Basic Share market

Basic Share Market course

For exiciting learning and earning profit from other income

  •  Available in sign language!

  • Online video  &  3 Month limited only

  • Unlimited Doubts webinar on every Saturday or Sunday with inform

  • You can trade confident without help

  • You can earn unlimited profit in your hand.

  • You can share your discuss in my private group.

  • Get the best tip from Anuj sir's research

  •  Learn how to manage loss from share market

  • You will get Zerodha App link after learnt course

  • Free telegram channel to watch profit earn here

  • Group discount - contact me

basic course 1
basic course 2
basic course 3
Advance course

ADcv chart skill course

For advance experience to know all profit and loss in trading

  •  Learn the power of chart and you can do trade in Forex or NSE/BSE

  •  Be your own BOSS

  •  Work flexibility (not 10 hours job)

  •  Minimal capital

  •  Earn potential profit

  • Many more points to explain secretly on before joining this course

  • Join special group

  • Trades confident with me

  • Lifetime support

ADcv zoom / lecture online
ADcv zoom / lecture online

New courses

ADcv Forex course

ADcv Forex

ADcv Crypocurrency course

ADcv cryptocurrency

Portfolio Management service

coming soon

Message me on whatsapp for more detail

Free Tip from basic course share market

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