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1. Good morning ADcv members
2. New members - Please watch for 1-3 calls and get an idea in my calls to start trading
3. Keep your fund ready and wait for my signal
4. Follow strictly all updates especially sl & trail sl from profits never allow to turn negative
5. Watch calls are given for watching only---->not to trade
6. Trade equally in all stocks minimum 3 and maximum 5-7 stocks, Don't take single share with whole money. Invest according to MYR concept
7. Always put auto sell system or GTT in zerodha. 3rd/4th tgt to place in auto sell. You can sell manually beforehand.
8. Avoid maximum personal doubts and texting during market hours.. after market hours is better. 
9. Have a good trading day
10. if you dont know what is MYR then you let me know, i will explain you.
11. Have a happy trading

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